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Apply onlinePersonnel Chief Executive Officer

Job Responsibilities:

1. To clarify the HR objectives and overall plan of the company, to provide the general manager with Suggestions on human resources strategy, organizational construction and other aspects, and to improve the comprehensive management level of the company.

2. Formulated guidelines, policies and systems for human resource management of the company.

3. Organized the long-term planning, medium-term planning and annual plan of the company's human resources development and supervised the implementation of the plans.

4. Shaping, maintaining, developing and disseminating corporate culture.

5. Research, design human resources management model (including recruitment, performance, training, pay and staff development system, such as the overall construction).

6. To formulate and perfect the human resources management and administrative system.

7. To organize and formulate policies, policies, regulations and standards for personnel management, such as recruitment, appointment, transfer, evaluation, promotion, reward and punishment, professional title and technical grade rating, and to supervise the implementation.

8. Coordinate and guide the personnel recruitment, staff training, performance appraisal, remuneration and other work of the department and the employing departments to ensure the reasonable use of human resources.

9. Plan and review human resources management and administrative costs.

Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above in human resources, management or related fields;

2. Have more than 10 years relevant management experience;

3. Establishment and practical experience of enterprise culture;

4. Give priority to the examples and establish an innovative guiding incentive mechanism;

5. Timely handle the major human resources and administrative problems in the management of the company;

Apply onlineExecutive secretary

Job requirements:

1. Male and female not limited, bachelor degree or above, major in secretarial science;

2. English level 4 and above; proficient in reading and writing

3. Strong sense of responsibility, studious, practical work hard, fresh students can be.

Job Responsibilities:

1. Assisted the general manager in arranging the daily work plan and schedule reasonably;

2. Responsible for organizing and writing comprehensive text materials and drafting general manager conference materials;

3. Assisted the general manager in arranging various meetings, preparing information, making minutes of meetings and doing meeting reception;

4. Responsible for the sorting, filing and management of documents and files;

5. Responsible for answering the general manager office phone;

6. Complete other work assigned by the general manager.

Apply onlineMechanical engineer

Description of job

1. Responsible for the design and validation of the material of water pump and other products;

2. Responsible for the development and design of water pumps and other products;

3. Responsible for the research and design of water pump;

4. To prepare the workshop work instructions.

Job Requirements

1. College degree or above, mechanical, engineering equipment, fluid mechanical and related major, three years working experience

2. Must be proficient in AUTOCAD drawing software and PRO ` E 3 d graphics software (not don't vote)

3. Experience in the design and development of terminal consumer electronics products, such as domestic water pump, vacuum cleaner, cleaning machine;

4. Familiar with the physical and chemical properties of various materials, such as casting, injection molding, sheet metal stamping, alloy smelting and hardware;

5. Familiar with the process of ISO9000 technology development system, with skilled drawing and dimension chain control, basic knowledge and skills of human engineering;

6. Strong sense of responsibility, studious, practical ability, practical work hard

Apply onlineSoftware Engineer

Job requirements:

1. Can independently run on the windows interface on the host computer application control software, the language used is not limited;

2. Must be familiar with or proficient in can bus or 485 bus, master of modbus protocol;

3. Master the industrial touch screen software applications and database experience is preferred.

Apply onlineEquipment engineer

Job Responsibilities:

1.Maintenance, debugging and maintenance of embedded equipment, application and management of spare parts.


1. Male, majored in mechanical or electrical engineering;

2. Maintenance of embedded equipment for more than 3 years;

Apply onlineElectrical engineer

Job Responsibilities:

1. Mastering the programming and application of mainstream PLC, touch screen, servo motor drive, motion controller.

2. Familiar with CANOPEN \ RS485 and other bus, proficient in MODBUS protocol and TCP/IP protocol.


1. Male, college degree or above, major in electrical engineering, more than 3 years working experience;

2. Having the ability of communication and teamwork.

Apply onlineFile manager

Job Responsibilities:

1. To be responsible for archiving, cataloguing, identification, statistics, arrangement and retrieval of work;

2. To be responsible for the collection and removal of the archives and to strictly perform the procedure of transition;

3. To be responsible for the internal arrangement of the warehouse, the installation of the archives and the orderly discharge of the files, and the scientific order to ensure the dust and neatness of the storehouse;

4. Check the safekeeping of files and find out the harmful factors to the files, timely report the measures to be taken to prevent the main, prevent the combination, ensure the integrity and safety of the files;

5. Clear the relationship between utilization and confidentiality, enhance the concept of confidentiality and strictly implement lending;

6. To make clear the purpose of the work, and be proactive in the reception work;

7. To be responsible for file and data transfer, provide accurate and timely delivery. After use, timely return and return to the library on time;

8. To be responsible for the information feedback of the files and data utilization;

9. Completed temporary tasks assigned by leaders.


1. Female, college degree or above, major in book management, or more than three years of relevant working experience;

2. Meticulous, careful and patient;

3. Married with priority, local account.

Apply onlineCost accounting

Job Responsibilities:

1. Establish and improve the rules and regulations related to the company's cost accounting;

2. Responsible for measuring the standard or fixed cost;

3. Familiar with production process and accurate accounting of product costs;

4. Review relevant documents, collect material expenses accurately and allocate the expenses reasonably;

5. Participate in product quotation;

Job requirements:

1. Major in finance related to college or above;

2.More than 3 years of experience in manufacturing cost accounting;

3. Familiar with cost accounting, cost control and cost analysis;

4. Have experience in financial software, familiar with kingdee software;

5. Intermediate title of accounting is preferred.

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