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Corporate culture


        Do what we say,say what we do.



      Background description: 

      In 2002, the company and the United States veteran pump manufacturers to carry out business cooperation. Two years later, the company fully recognized us.Its vice president, PATRICK CURRY, sent us an inscription: “Do what we say,say what we do”.

      He said he had worked with many companies in China, which were always "no problem" and "no problem", but in the end there was always a problem!
      Only you GP, yes, yes, yes, no, not exactly, exactly what we Americans are, "do what we say, say what we do."".
      His inscription is just a true portrayal of our company's "seeking truth from facts and honesty.".
      From then on, we printed the inscription on the cup and moved it to the wall as a motto for all of our staff.




      Respect, gratitude, and the power of love

      Respect: building a respectful and respectful culture, so that everyone can feel noble and great and feel the meaning of life at work;
      Gratitude: dripping grace, Yongquan, Thanksgiving gratitude is full of people cherish the principles; to have gratitude to enduring as the universe.
      Love: the greatest power in the world is love".

      Background description:

      The two story in the company -- All the world knows.

      Story one:

      In 2012, an employee from Qinghai dry for 5 years to get married and have children to leave home.
      But half a year later, his new wife was found to have brain tuberculosis.
      The boss said, without demur generously, the management and staff in the former workers have to lend a helping hand.
      The chairman of the trade union on behalf of everyone all the way to love, but also active with large hospitals located in the provincial capital, to help them complete the formalities.

      Six months later, the former worker's wife finally recovered.

      Story two:

      In the spring of 2014, the company's personnel department received a letter of help. The letter was a long departed employee.
      It turned out that the staff who lived in Shandong, Heze, left their hometowns after returning home, just met family misfortune - parents divorced, and each formed a family.
      Now he is ill in hospital, no one cares, and he has less financial resources, so he has to ask his former employer for help.
      It goes without saying that the bosses and workmates again lend a helping hand......
People go, tea is not cool - such enterprises, such bosses, people say what good?
      And so it often goes: come, come, go, and come back again.
      After a three out of three employees surnamed Chu, never go, so far has been 11 years of continuous work, also the director of the workshop.
     Of course, there are also some feel shy back, often secretly sigh.
    (Note: the enterprise culture of "people are gone and tea is not cool" has just been accepted by professionals.The company will be as in the past to encourage employees to do good deeds, but to help employees charity workers,It will depend on and limit the personal friendship between the employee and the employee, and will not be included in the company's behavior. )




     There is no miracle in the world

     Innovation: innovation is the integration of old resources, new integration, innovation is the soul of the cause of concerted effort, and keeping pace with the times is the best embodiment of innovation.
     Cooperation: Winning in cooperation is the principle of KONE's being a man;
     Miracle: to do every simple thing is not easy, to do every ordinary thing is extraordinary.
     Nothing in the world is a miracle, only the power of focus.

     Background description:

     In recent years, several times across the valley, Tongli youter bucked off, in the industry to become a favourite tale. The most unforgettable is the two time:
     One is the 2008 financial crisis, the global economy fengshengheli, youter KONE has bucked the trend, the same year sales increased by 4%;
     The second is just the past 2015, the domestic export enterprises suffered heavy losses, manufacturing from south to north have experienced"30 years of the most severe winter", while youter KONE is thriving, net sales of more than 7%.
    Some people say that Youde Tongle created a miracle, full of people says "the world no miracle, only the power of attention and focus".
    And focus and focus on innovation, cooperation and transcendence. Beyond, is the courage to compete with yourself.


    Sharing and responsibility

    Share: the greatest wisdom of a man is to share wisdom with others, and only the thought of sharing is powerful,

    Without sharing, there is no team growth;
    Responsibility: KONE has no excuse and no excuse. It embodies a responsibility.

    Background description:

    Sharing is generally regarded as sharing the cake of enterprise development. Yes, with the staff to share the cake youter tongli,
    But that's only after the process is over. Before that, the company should first share ideas, wisdom, righteousness and responsibility.
    "Give you a job, is to give you a trust; to do this job, but also a responsibility."."
     But not all bear responsibility within the company, including outside the company, including the company's social responsibility.
     It is because of the heavy social responsibility, only early in the Taihu eudem Tongli edge up sewage treatment,
     For many years at Xueben put money; it is because of the heavy social responsibility, to make great efforts to train youter Tongli employees,
    They are sent to universities, or even overseas, to receive systematic knowledge, education and skills.
    Even though some of them never come back after training, the company still enjoys it and remains unmoved.
    Because in the eyes of the leadership of the company, the service company and the service society are unified, and it is our responsibility to train people for the society.

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